History of Living Waters Radio Ministry (LWRM)

Dr Edward Short

LWRM broadcasts two radio programmes per week. FEBA broadcasts on Friday 7.15AM (local time) and TWR on Saturday 7.15PM (local time).
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LWRM started in 1954 at Narsapur a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India by Dr. Edward Short (seen on the right) who was working as a medical doctor in a mission hospital. Dr. Short was inspired by the other brethren to make use of the newly arrived electricity in the town. Mr. Harold McGregor gave Dr. Short one of his 3 precious valve Pentron recorders, when they had just been invented. In the 1950s, electronics was in its infancy. The tape recorder had only just been invented and transistors were still in the future. There were no stockists or engineers available to deal with problems and it was a leap of faith for Mr. McGregor from New Zealand to bring three precious recorders from the States to commence spreading the Word by means of radio, when the Indian Government forbade setting up private radio stations on its soil. The sites chosen were Bombay, Calcutta and Narsapur (in the Godavari District of South East. India). The tapes had to be sent to broadcasting stations outside India to be broadcast back into the country.

A trust was formed in the United Kingdom to support the ministry in India.

This Trust is governed by its Trust Deed, dated 26th November 1990, and is registered as a Charity, Number 1038482.

This is the 55th year of God’s faithfulness in bringing the Gospel over the Radio to the 100 million Telugu-speaking people of India. Andhra Pradesh, the 5th largest state (province) both by area and population is the land of Telugu speaking people of India. The headquarters of LWRM (India) is based at Visakhapatnam, one of the major cities in Andhra Pradesh.

Late Rev. TK George was the radio speaker for over 30 years. He was succeeded by Rev. Shalem IsraelĀ  in 1989. He is a man who uses his many gifts to serve God. He is being supported by a host of volunteers and Indian trustees in the ministry.